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Psilo Mart

Retail Ready Product Displays

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Magic Mushroom Retail Displays For Sale!

Psilo Mart Offers Retail Displays For Wholesale Businesses And Shroom Retail Stores.  Although These Displays Are Specific To Our Blue Enigma Gummies And Pineapple Hillbilly Gummies And Micro Dose Capsules, Wholesale Customers Have The Flexibility To Utilize The Displays As They See Fit When Buying Individually. Retail Displays Can Hold Anywhere From 10-20 5 Pack Gummy Or Capsule Bags Or 100-200 Single Serving Gummy Or Capsule Bags. We Have Seen A Lot Of Our Wholesalers Have Success With Selling Individually Bagged Single Serving Gummies And Capsules Because It Gives Customers The Option To Try Before They Commit To A Larger Purchase. You're Also Able To Charge A Premium When Selling Single Pieces.

Why Buy Psilo Mart's Magic Mushroom Retail Displays?

Its Rare For A Company To Offer Its Magic Mushroom Retail Displays For Sale Without The Product Included, But It Give The Retail Store Or Shroom Wholesaler The Most Flexibility In Their Customer Facing Displays. Also To Note, There Is No Exterior Company Logo Or Branding Besides The "Magic Mushroom Gummies" Followed By Its Specific Species And Flavor.