Test Results (COAs)

Committed To The Independent Testing Of Magic Mushrooms

Psilo Mart Is Committed To Testing The Potency And Safety Of All Its Magic Mushroom Products Intended For Sale. We strive to work in synergy with Independent Analytical Laboratories to fund shelf studies, increase column capacity and assist in developing testing standards for an ever expanding profile of tryptamines. The Certificates Of Authenticity (COAs) Are Posted Below For Your Review. Please Note That Due To The High Level Of Fraud And Misuse, We Have Embedded A Watermark Over The COAs. If You Are An Existing Wholesale Business Customer And Need COAs In Your Name, We Can Do It The Legit Way With The Lab For A Small Fee, It's Called A Data Transfer.

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Magic Mushroom Testing & Methodology

Psilo Mart Tests Every Batch Produced Of Non Detect Magic Mushrom Extract To Ensure The Finished Product Is Free Of Psilocybin, Psilocyin, 4-ACO DMT, Cannabinoids And Research Chemicals. We Product Batches Monthly, So A Date Will Be Associated With Each Sample Batch. Please Note That We Dont Test Species Individually, Rather We Make A Homogenized Sample Of All Species Produced For The Month Then Submit It For Testing. In The Near Future, We May Test Each Species Separately. Although Test Results Are Valid For 1 Year And The Magic Mushroom Products Have A 1 Year Shelf Life, We Are Producing Only Enough Supply For 30-45 Days At A Time Based On The Forecasted Demand. This Is To Ensure Customers Receive The Most Recent Batch That Has The Least Degradation In Potency.

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