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The Best Magic Mushrooms For Sale In Florida

With the increased popularity of psychedelic fungi for both recreational and medicinal use, more and more people are taking to the internet to buy magic mushrooms in the great state of Florida.

Although psychedelic mushrooms are becoming more popular, the active ingredient (psilocybin) in the typical "magic mushroom" remains illegal in most countries. Getting caught purchasing psilocybin mushrooms online can lead to harsh penalties in the US and Europe, where drug legislation is tight.

Ordering magic mushrooms online can be risky in other ways, too. Many unethical companies sell shroom products that contain harmful synthetic chemicals or simply scam their customers out of their money. 


Magic Mushrooms for Sale In Florida


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Is It Legal to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online in Florida?

In short yes, as long as you purchase the legal non detect magic mushrooms from Regular Magic mushrooms (fungi containing psilocybin) are illegal in most countries. Even in so-called "legal countries," shrooms aren't completely unrestricted — you can't walk into a shop and purchase them freely (legally, at least).

In some countries, it is possible to purchase psilocybin-containing fungi legally. In the Netherlands, psilocybin is legal in the form of fresh truffles. They can be purchased in “Smart Shops” across the country without fear of legal repercussions. However, this is a rare exception.

Shrooms have been decriminalized in some countries, but this simply means if a person is caught with mushrooms, they'll receive a caution or small fine rather than a felony charge also some states such as Oregon and Colorado have legalized mushrooms. Getting caught purchasing magic mushrooms from dispensaries or local street dealers outside of decriminalized regions can lead to serious legal repercussions.

Buying magic mushrooms online in most countries is risky, too. There’s a higher chance of being caught through a government “honeypot” — where the authorities have shut down the vendor but left the website live to trace purchases. One simple mistake can lead to a very unwelcome knock at the door…

What’s the Best Legal Alternative?

The best way to avoid legal repercussions is to steer clear of purchasing psilocybin-containing fungi, especially online, where the risk of getting caught is higher. Luckily, there is a legal alternative to psilocybin mushrooms, and it has fungal origins…

Amanita muscaria is a mushroom that could be called “magic.” However, it doesn’t produce any psilocybin — the banned substance in most psychedelic fungi. Instead, this species produces a compound called muscimol.

Muscimol is legal in most countries, including the United States, Canada, and most of Europe. Its effects are unlike psilocybin, but when consumed responsibly, it's capable of inducing dreamlike states of consciousness, sedation, and altered perception. 

Consuming muscimol isn’t as easy as consuming a psilocybin mushroom. You can’t pick an Amanita muscaria mushroom and eat it raw — this can cause severe stomach discomfort, nausea, and vomiting. The mushrooms must first be prepared to remove the more toxic components within. This isn't particularly difficult, but it can be time-consuming, and the results are often inconsistent. 

If you’re not one for home chemistry, there’s an easier option…

High-quality “Amanita muscaria gummies” utilize a muscimol extract obtained from Amanita muscaria mushrooms. This provides a safer and more convenient way to benefit from the psychoactive effects of this sacred fungus…

What Are Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms?

Amanita muscaria is the most recognizable mushroom in the world. Its red and white cap is associated with fairytales, folklore, and even Christmas. You may have seen this mushroom’s image in the Alice in Wonderland books or films and the Super Mario video games — think of the mushrooms Mario eats to grow in size…

These mushrooms grow across the globe in temperate to subarctic climates. They are more prominent in the Northern Hemisphere but can also be found in the Southern Hemisphere. They grow in coniferous, deciduous, and mixed forests as the summer ends and fall begins.

Amanita muscaria is a mycorrhizal species, meaning the fungus develops symbiotic relationships with certain tree species, providing increased nutrient absorption in return for sugars created through photosynthesis. The mushrooms can be found underneath or close to the trees the fungus feeds off.

This species is often labeled as highly toxic. Although Amanita muscaria mushrooms are indeed toxic when eaten fresh, they can be prepared in a way that converts the toxic compound (ibotenic acid) into a psychoactive compound called muscimol.

Frequently Asked Questions about Magic Mushrooms for Sale in Florida:


Want to learn more about Amanita muscaria and other types of magic mushrooms for sale in Florida?


Have a read through the answers to some common questions we’ve received below:


  1. Is It Safe to Forage Wild Mushrooms for Psychedelic Use?

Foraging for any type of mushroom, whether edible, gourmet, medicinal, or psychedelic, comes with risks. You should never harvest and consume any mushroom you don't have a 100% positive ID on.


The danger comes when inexperienced people head out foraging without a good idea of how to properly identify a particular mushroom. Misidentifying a mushroom can have fatal consequences. Some species containing deadly amatoxins can look similar to psilocybin-producing species, such as Psilocybe cubensis and Psilocybe azurescens.

As well as the potential health risks of foraging psychedelic shrooms, there's also a legal risk. Psilocybin is a restricted substance in most countries, and knowingly foraging for psilocybin-producing shrooms is considered a crime in many places.

If you plan on foraging for wild psychedelic mushrooms, it’s important to educate yourself on local laws. You should also know how to identify the species you wish to find and any potential toxic look-alike species with 100% accuracy.

  1. How Are the Effects of Amanita muscaria Unique?


Unlike typical “magic mushrooms,” Amanita muscaria doesn’t produce psilocybin. The psychoactive compound in prepared Amanita muscaria is muscimol.

Muscimol can be considered psychedelic, but the effects are different from psilocybin and other classic psychedelic compounds. Rather than inducing vivid open-eye hallucinations, muscimol induces a dream-like sense of reality.

After consuming Amanita muscaria, users may feel sedated, and time and size perception may become distorted. It can be difficult to distinguish reality from dreams, and during sleep, dreams often become exceptionally vivid and bizarre.

  1. How Many Species of Psilocybin Mushrooms Exist?

There are over 180 different species of psilocybin-producing fungi — magic mushrooms. Each of these species is unique in appearance and growth characteristics, but they all share the ability to produce psilocybin and its active metabolite psilocin.

Most psilocybin mushroom species belong to the genus Psilocybe. This genus contains the most prevalent and potent magic mushroom species.

Psilocybe cubensis is the most common species, growing wild across the globe. It's also the easiest magic mushroom to grow, making it perfect for home growers and commercial cultivators. If you've purchased magic mushrooms before, they were likely P. cubensis.

The most potent species (Psilocybe azurescens) also belongs to the genus. It's capable of producing up to four times as much psilocybin as a typical P. cubensis shroom.

Magic mushrooms also exist within other genera, such as Panaeolus, Conocybe, and Inocybe. Unlike Psilocybe species, not all the mushrooms in these genera produce psilocybin, and some may contain harmful toxins as well.


  1. What Are Magic Mushroom Strains?

The most common species of magic mushroom is Psilocybe cubensis. This species is easy to grow, making it the ideal choice for home cultivators and commercial growers.


Its ease of cultivation and prevalence in different habitats across the globe has led to hundreds of different genetic variants. P. cubensis is made up of over 100 different genetic variants, all with alterations in shape, size, growth characteristics, and tryptamine content. We call these variants “strains.”


Some strains, such as Penis Envy, are famed for their impressive potency and unique appearance. Other strains, such as Golden Teacher and B+, are famed for their ease of cultivation but not so much their potency. Furthermore, species like Albino Penis Envy, White Rabbit, and Avery’s Albino are popular because the fruits produced lack pigment — giving them a ghostly white appearance.