New Packaging and Fresh Harvest Of Amanitas!

Psilo Mart Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Supplier

We're excited to release our 1st batch of this season's Amanita Mushrooms.  Foraged in Colorado, these Amanita's are fresh and ripe.  They are also visually stunning, with nice big A grade caps that contain high levels of Muscimol.  We were fortunate to get picking earlier this season and bring to market some of the highest quality Amanita Muscaria magic mushroom products around for our customers.  All capsules, tinctures, gummies and powder are now being formulated with this most recent harvest.

Psilo Mart will be adding new lots of fresh Amanita mushrooms including Amanita Pantherina, Amanita Regalis, Amanita Pantherinoide and Amanita Gemmata.

We will also be utilizing our new packaging to update some product SKUs.

All the best,

Psilo Mart

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