Places to Trip on 'Shrooms - The Good & The Bad

Places to Trip on 'Shrooms - The Good & The Bad

A psychedelic trip is an adventure in itself. But, you need to take a few things into consideration before you begin your journey — your environment being the most prevalent.

We'll take you through the best (and worst) places to do magic mushrooms in the following sections. 

The 8 Best Places to Do Magic Mushrooms

We know you're probably chomping at the bit to experience the magic of shrooms (yes, they're aptly named), so let's jump right into the best places to take them!

#1 At Home with Friends

As the famous saying goes, there really is no place like home. If you're planning to take a voyage into the shroom-o-sphere, your house is the perfect place to do so. After all, home provides you with the most poignant factors for an amazing trip — safety, privacy, and comfort. 

The "with friends" part just makes it all the more interesting. Whether they join you or become the "trip sitter," you're all bound to have a good time. Just make sure you don't invite too many people. 

#2 Watching a Live Performance

Whether it's the theater or a comedy show, it's said that magic mushrooms enhance your experience of the live performance. Users say that you'll fall deeper into the story and will be increasingly fascinated by every prop, character, light, movement, and sound. 

Naturally, you should make sure you don't go alone — you'll need to find your seat!

#3 Botanical Garden

Do you live in a city? If so, a botanical garden is the closest you can get to nature.

Regardless of the season (although spring is particularly beautiful), such gardens boast blooming flowers, hedgerows, trees, and more. Doing psychedelic mushrooms here enhances the already ethereal atmosphere, letting nature guide your experience. 

#4 Beach

Exotic destinations are loved by avid shrooms fans for many reasons. But perhaps one of the biggest is the beaches.

Clean sands, the sounds of the lapping waves, and crystal-clear turquoise waters elevate your magic mushroom trip like nothing else. It can't help but be magical. 

#5 Forest

Doing mushrooms in forests has been a pop culture favorite for years. Nothing can compare to the sun-dappled floors, stimulating surroundings, and the whispers of the leaves in the breeze.

If you are searching for a truly memorable psychedelic experience, the forest will provide one of the most stunning backdrops for it. 

#6 Yoga Shala

Yoga aims to unite the mind, body, and spirit, leaving your consciousness to reach a higher state. And this is the same goal of psychonauts! 

Granted, western yoga studios tend to focus on physical goals, but yoga shalas concentrate on spirituality. These sanctuaries conduct mental practices like zen meditation, creating the perfect environment for taking psychedelic mushrooms. According to sources, you may be surprised by how deep your self-awareness will go!

#7 Under the Stars

Since shrooms can alter the way you perceive the universe and the world around you, taking them under the stars is an almost guaranteed way to feel "at one." 

And the best part? You don't need to travel — your backyard is perfect! Get comfy with some warm blankets, and you're on your way to a mind-opening trip. 

#8 A Ceremonial Setting

You might be surprised to learn that there are a fair few organizations that guide your psychedelic experience in a ceremonial environment.

They're safe and led by an experienced individual, giving you the chance to explore the transformative effects of psilocybin mushrooms. There's certainly a ceremony out there for you, including gong baths, breathwork, and mantra chanting. 

The 6 Worst Places to Do Shrooms

We've covered the best places to have your shroom experience. But let's briefly cover the places you should definitely avoid when taking psychedelic mushrooms. 

#1 Crowded Spaces

Crowded streets or shopping centers are certainly not places to go on a trip. The countless unfamiliar faces could overwhelm you and increase the likelihood of having a not-so-pleasant experience. 

#2 Around the Wrong People

Shrooms boost your sensitivity to other people's energies. Becoming more empathic means requiring the right people to be around. If you're tripping in a room packed with negative or confrontational human beings, you probably won't have a good time. 

#3 At Work

Since psilocybin (the "magic" component of shrooms) can cause time dilation, working while tripping may make your workplace feel like a prison.

That said, some people have reported micro-dosing can help increase professional performance without the more intense psychedelic effects.

#4 While Consuming Alcohol

Alcohol has a significant psychological impact, making even the most experienced shroom users susceptible to terrible trips. Plus, mixing psilocybin and alcohol can increase nausea and induce vomiting, particularly when you're at the peak of your experience. 

#5 Mosh Pits

You won't want to be in the middle of a mosh pit when your trip kicks in! Magic mushrooms increase whatever you are feeling. Therefore, any unpleasant claustrophobic-like sensations could become overwhelming. 

#6 On a Plane

Yes, tripping while you can literally see nothing but clouds sounds like heaven. However, being on a plane when taking magic mushrooms can lead to full blow panic attacks since you can't leave if you need to. 

The Best Environment is Safe, Comfortable, and Surrounded by Trusted People

Overall, the best place to do psychedelic mushrooms is anywhere you feel safe and comfortable. It could be your home, a friend's house, or any other location we've suggested!


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