Magic Mushroom Dosing & The 5 Trip Levels Explained

Magic Mushroom Dosing & The 5 Trip Levels Explained

Whether you want to broaden your creativity or experience complete ego death, magic mushrooms can get you there. But you need to understand optimum doses before jumping in. Otherwise, you may experience something you weren't quite prepared for. 

So, that's exactly what we're going to explain! Stick with us to learn shrooms' dosages and trip levels. You'll be an expert by the end. 

The Different Magic Mushroom Dosages

Let's jump right into the dosages and their typical uses. 

Microdosing Mushrooms

A 10th to a 20th of a standard dose. If a typically dried shroom dose is 1-.2.5g, a microdose is 0.1-0.25g. 

Otherwise known as a sub-perceptual dose, it won't change your perception or how you interact with the world around you. 

People often microdose for creativity boosts, enhanced concentration, alleviation from mental health conditions, and increased stimulation. 

Low Mushroom Dosage

Varies between species due to potency. Typically, 0.25-1g.

Low doses start to elicit psychedelic effects. However, you won't necessarily find anything overstimulating. 

People use low doses to enhance experiences like live music, increase energy levels, and test the waters with magic mushrooms. 

Moderate Mushroom Dosage

Around 1-3g.

Moderate shroom doses bring about more psychedelic effects, and you'll likely experience synesthesia (i.e., your senses cross). Users have described moderate dosages as "noticeable bodily highs." But this may mean different things to different people. 

Time dilation is likely with a moderate dose, with minutes feeling like hours or vice versa. 

High Mushroom Dosage

Around 3-4g. 

Here is when you can expect major changes in your mood, thoughts, cognition, and perception. If you're high dosing around others, they should also be experienced in taking shrooms at this level. 

Magic mushroom fans take this dose to achieve spiritual experiences, overcome personal crises, achieve emotional breakthroughs, and connect with others more meaningfully. 

The Heroic Dose

4g or more.

This is the highest dose and leads to mystical experiences, which include communication with objects, ego death, interconnectedness, and so much more. 

Such dosages should only be taken by well-versed shroom users!

The Various Shroom Trip Levels

You've got the doses down to a T. But what about the trips?

Levels define the intensity of magic mushroom trips. Just like the dosages, there are five trip levels — one being the lowest and five being the highest. 

Using the descriptions below, you can define your experience as accurately as possible. Although always remember that everybody is different, so you may react differently to specific doses, causing more intense trips. 

Level 1: Mild Stoning

The lowest trip level elicits a mild "stoning" impact. You may feel lighter and experience a few short-term memory impacts. 

Alongside that, some users have noted some visual enhancements, but nothing that would send your brain into a tizz! Think brighter colors and finding more beauty in nature. 

Since your brain's left and right communication changes, music can appear to sound "broader."

Level 2: Bright Colors and Visuals

If you thought the colors were bright at level one, level two trips give you even more saturation and a few visuals — things may begin to warp, move, or "breathe."

Sources state you may become confused or have reminiscent thoughts as your short-term memory changes further, providing destructive thought patterns.

After taking psilocybin for a level two trip, you'll experience a vast creative increase. Why? Because the shrooms bypass your natural brain filter, opening you up to out-of-the-box thinking. 

Level 3: Mild Hallucinations

Right, this is where the "magic" really starts to happen. You'll experience obvious visuals, with everything looking curved or warped or seeing kaleidoscope on walls or faces. 

Some people get mild hallucinations, like rivers flowing through wooden surfaces. And, upon closing your eyes, hallucinations become 3D. 

At this stage, your senses begin to confuse themselves, resulting in seeing sounds or hearing colors. Low-level time distortions also come into play here. 

Level 4: Strong Hallucinations

Level 4 brings strong hallucinations. You could see objects transforming into other objects and so much more — it's impossible to state exactly what you'll see as everybody's experience is different. 

The ego will start to split or float away, causing you to feel contradictory things at the same time. Plus, objects could talk to you, playing into such feelings. 

Loss of reality is still moderate here. However, your senses blend, time is meaningless, and you may have out-of-body experiences. 

Level 5: Loss of Reality and Ego

Finally, you get to the highest possible trip level! And, as you rightly expect, the heroic dose takes you here. 

Your senses will no longer function normally. Your ego will go completely, and there's a total loss of visual reality connection. In fact, shrooms fans state that you'll be so far removed from reality that it defies all explanation. 

You and the universe, objects, and space will seem to combine or drift, a state that has to be felt to be believed.

Put simply, expect the unexpected! The actual environment around you will cease to exist. 

Want to Experiment with Dosages and Trips? Only Purchase Magic Mushrooms from Trusted Sources!

Experimenting with magic mushroom dosing can be a fun and creative experience. But you should only purchase them from trusted sources that are adequately strained and processed, like all of our products! 

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